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How to use

①.TOP from the page, please select the country of your choice.

②.Please select a language you can understand . (Top right)

③.Please Login and. (Subscription)

If you login, [coupons] [Favorites] [Leave comment] [travel] [the conversation] can be available for each print.

④.search tool bar search nurrawatches

[Home] = TOP Top transpose the selected country page.
[Quick Search]-Search is the ability to easily refine your choice.

[Area] = Advanced Search feature to focus on areas of interest.
Cooking - Advanced Search - = is a function from the type of food.
[Category] = All feature to search form Results from the store.
[Budget] is the ability to search = Search within your budget.
Community [] communities can use page-members.
[] = Please contact us HERE If you have any questions.
[Store Name] - [menu] - [station name] - [word] from the free check one of the input field after entering the bottom [Search] button,

Results were displayed condition.


⑦.Introduction of new restaurant

New stores are displayed.



New information shows.

⑩.Food Search

[Chinese]-from the country selected to migrate to a page that displays the number of hits Chinese food and other items belonging to each city.

[Japanese Cuisine] = chosen from the country, move to a page that displays the number of hits belonging to the food items and other cities in Japan.

[Other] Asian-selected from among the nations, enters a page that displays the number of hits and other items belonging to different Asian cities.

[Italian / French cuisine from the country;-selected Italian cities by / move to a page that displays items belonging to the French and hits.

[Other] = European cuisine from the country selected to migrate to the page that displays items belonging to the European cuisine and the number of hits by other cities.

⑪.Recomend Restaurants

Banaeria restaurant is recommended. Click on image to transpose to the screen that store.

⑫Refine search screen after each

Use this to find over the complete contents of a further refinement ※ Refine search.

[Budget] = shows the number of hits after a search on the contents of the budget applies. Targeted changes to the screen when you click the appropriate store number.

Search by other criteria [] = "private", "Japanese-style rooms (drawing room)," "chartered," "parking lot" "All You Can Drink" "All You Can Eat," "accepted children", "smoking", "smoke" from the check to your favorite and

Click the Search button to display a narrow shop conditions are true.

[Keyword Search] = "Store Name" name "menu" and "station" word "free" with a check or after entering the lower input field "Search" button,

The refined search criteria that apply to stores.

⑬ Restaurant

Displaying the list corresponding to store the search results.

By clicking on the store name or store images anxious to transpose the store details page.

※ [] will be added to the Favorites button and the Favorites list.

Member login required.

⑭.Store Details page

[Main Page] = image store, store name and details will be displayed. "Leave comment] member login is required.

[Menu & Courses] = "Lunch" "Dinner," "course" "drink" menu is displayed, the menu display images and some details on each menu.

Travel Talk - - = "scene of payment", "interrogative" "restroom," "scene" thank you "greeting" displays each scene according to the wording and translation.

- Map & Coupons] = "coupons" "map" "more accessible" and displays.

Your comment [] = Member comments are displayed in this store are available.


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