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Privacy Policy

The Corporation Igurumewarudo for handling personal information of customers and employees in many business operations, according to this policy establish a logical network of our territory, build a personal information management system, to achieve a responsible corporate assumes.

1. To identify the intended use of personal information as possible, 取扱Masu properly the extent necessary for the purpose.

2. Personal information to obtain lawful and proper manner.

3. Personal information is not provided to third parties without consent.

4. Managing personal information leakage, loss, damage prevention and correction, so we take other appropriate measures to manage safety.

5. Handling of Personal Information is working to get himself involved in providing that information properly and to keep the contents accurate and timely as possible.

06. The ongoing review of compliance with laws of privacy.


Igurumewarudo Inc.

Nakagawa Yoshihiro President

○ Privacy Policy

E GOURMET WORLD (the [Service] is called.), The user will use the Services (the [Member] called.) Comply with the privacy of your personal information (as defined below .) manages, and shall handle this.

Privacy ○

Personal information is information which the individual members, such information to configure your name, address, telephone number, email address, says members should be identified due to the other description. Also, if you can not only identify the information, and comparisons with other information, which includes personal information identifying individual members as a result.

○ Use of Personal Information Purpose

Intended use of personal information is as follows. To use no more than purpose.

①.Provide services for members and member personal identification.

②.Associated with the use of various services contact , and Information Delivery.

③.Based on the customer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s consent , E GOURMET WORLD disclosure of personal information available to stores.


④.Usually used to contact winners and present submission process and the various surveys and campaigns such.

⑤.Who to contact the subjects and the submission process and creating articles and interviews

⑥.News and information delivery to the member newsletter and various kinds.

⑦.Interviews and questionnaires to members and , requests for contact.

⑧.Responding to inquiries and comments about this service.

○ arbitrariness of personal information

Cool! Fill in if needed for each practice for each service in the Service, you may not receive services.

○Provide personal information to third parties

WORLD GOURMET E, as a rule does not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining your consent. Identify and provide contact information where available, providing you have obtained the consent of members. However, below, to the extent inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations, it may provide personal information without consent of the members.

①.If you believe there is a risk of harm or damage to third parties or members.

②.If you need to cooperate to carry out a statutory office of public health improvement Consignor , there is a risk when carrying out their affairs and interfere with our consent be obtained.

③.Court , prosecutors, police, lawyers, consumers Center, according to an authorized agency thereof, if the person asks for disclosure of information.

④When asked to provide an explicit disclosure to third parties or from members.

⑤If the offer is permitted by law or.

⑥If you want to entrust all or part of the business handling personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes.

⑦.In cases to provide personal information with business succession by merger or other reasons, if handled in succession before the range of purposes.

○Disclaimer Trustees

If listed below, for the acquisition of personal information by third parties, WORLD GOURMET E is not responsible for any.

①.The information entered on this service, if a person had to be 期Sezu.

②.External website linked from the Service , information is available from the person if it was used.

③Non-members personally identifiable information  (ID, and password) if you get.

○ outsourcing personal data processing

WORLD GOURMET E has a thing to outsource all or part of the business handling personal information. Regarding the handling of personal information in E GOURMET WORLD contractor is responsible.

○ WORLD GOURMET E is based on information provided by the individual, may be processed to produce statistical data that can identify an individual. For statistics can not identify an individual EGOURMET WORLD is assumed that can be used without any restrictions.

○ Changes in personal information

Members only, in principle, the disclosure of personal information stored, correct, delete, and may request the suspension of the suspension and provided to third parties.

However, member or third person\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s life, body, if there is danger to property or other rights and interests, if a field could significantly disturb the proper servicing of the Service, in violation of other laws If that has refused to disclose it. Also, if you require a large amount of money available to third parties to stop and stop the use of personal information, even if it is difficult to perform such other suspension, to protect the rights and interests of members When I came to take measures necessary to place it, and may not respond to the suspension.

○ accuracy of personal information

WORLD GOURMET E will try to process the data confirms that your personal information accurate. However, the content is accurate and up to date confirms that your personal information, and responsible members.

○ Collection of Personal Information limited

Acquisition of personal information, including details listed below are performed in principle. However, if the member voluntarily provided, as far as this.

①.Thought , beliefs, religious matters.

②.National , degree, hometown (except information on prefectural), physical, mental disorder, criminal matters and other causes of social discrimination.

③.Rights of workers , matters concerning collective bargaining and other acts of collective action.

④.Participation in collective industrial action , the exercise of the right of petition, and other matters concerning the exercise of political rights and.

○ Management of Personal Information

EWORLD GOURMET is a loss of personal information under its control misuse, to prevent the alteration, is committed to appropriate security measures. Personal information is kept in a secure environment for the general user can not access.

○ For identification

If you register and membership services to the Service, the disclosure of personal information, corrections, etc. If you respond to request for deletion or suspension, the information can identify the individual (name, address, telephone number, birth date, e-mail address, membership number, password, etc.), the identity of the check. However, if the information is not personally identifiable person, E WORLD GOURMET is not responsible.

○ Acquisition and Use of History does not personally identify behavioral

EWORLD GOURMET, protects the privacy of members, improve convenience, ad serving, and to obtain statistics, Cookie used, and, WORLD GOURMET E is, Cookie, and using technology such as JavaScript the history of the members put into action the site (accessible URL, content, see Sunao Hitoshi) may get.

○ About Web beacons

WORLD GOURMET E is used to aggregate information on site membership, it may use web beacons. Our Web beacons are used, to obtain personal information in any way.

○ Privacy policy changes

EWORLD GOURMET, except when there is a set of laws and regulations, and shall be able to change the Privacy Policy at any time.

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