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Terms of Use

E GOURMET WORLD Igurumewarudo (the [Service]) then, customers will use the services (the [Customer] and) respect the privacy of your personal information (as defined below) Pay close attention to management, and shall deal with this.

Article 1 (Terms Apply)

1. This agreement Igurumewarudo Inc. ([we] referred to.) Management has made, Japan) in each country (on the Internet that offer restaurant information on people who live General Site Services [E GOURMET WORLD] (the [Site] with.) user of mail delivery and other information services incidental thereto and (we membership also members on this site included. following the rules.) applies to everyones.

2. This Agreement, but subject to change if necessary, to contact everyone,omega replica watches so each time the user can not be ensured, while the use of this site is posted on this sitePlease check the current terms are.

3. And note the various postings on our Site (hereinafter referred to as [Some Notes] referred to.) Exists, etc. This advice shall not constitute a part of this agreement.

4. Everyone of the user is deemed to agree to terms and conditions as of using this site.

Article 2 (Use of and Membership subscription)

1. For service members who carried a sign used on this Site ([Member] is called.) Are available only for those. Everyone of the user you wish to use the services for members, make a sign, please use.

2. When registered, everyone of the user, please observe the following conditions.

Column [1] Members Only page of the information provided on this site, enter your own true and accurate data user, please send us. The information is public, you may enter personally identifiable information please refrain.

[1] [2] If there is any change to the type of access and registration issues page on this site change from time to time, please modify.

3. For injury in violation of the provisions of that everyone of the user, We will bear no responsibility 致Shimasen unless we intentionally or through gross negligence.

4. Any violation of the provisions of paragraph 2 of that everyone of the user, or if deemed by the Company is not providing accurate data and truth, we will then cancel the registration of the member, the future and shall be able to prohibit the use of this site by members.

5. We, the Member will issue a password necessary for members to use the service. Responsible for all activities which occur using the password, which is considered the responsibility of the Members holding a password.

06. Password issued by us is only available to those Members, transfer to a third party prevents the loan.

Article 3 (Rules Post Report Recommendations) Leave comment ()

1. We, the purpose of promotion and enhancement of information on this site everyone of the users actions at this site, companies have been on this site (the [Pub operators called] .) regarding [the report recommended) Leave comment (] you run.

2. Everyone of the user of the report [recommended) Leave comment (] the ability to post to, and are limited to members.

3. We, [the report recommended) Leave comment (] comment from members who posted in the photos, and information (collectively the [comments] he says.) For freedom without the consent of members to, and shall be free to process it follows.

[1] to review the content.

[2] to this site, or not posted.

[3] to fix that on this site.

[4] to comment on this site, after the Post correction, can be removed.

[05] In other media designated by the Company of this site prior to the processing of each item. In this case, the [Site] shall be [designated by our media], and assumes 読Mikaeru.

[6] on the employer to provide.

4. Comments copyright (Article 27 of the Copyright Act, including the right of Article 28.) Belong to us. In addition, members are published regarding the presence of our comments and the modification does not exercise the moral rights, and agree to trial.

5. Members are responsible for the content of the comments, and also do the acts listed below.

[1] not related to post information on companies and we offer.

[2] that is not based on his experience to the post members.

[3] to post commercial content.

[4] to post any content contrary to the facts and false.

[5] many to post comments intentionally the same content.

[6] to post inquiries and complaints service functions of this site.

[7] to post inquiries and complaints the accuracy of information provided by this site.

06. Member, you can post a comment containing the following matters shall not be.

[1] copyright, trademark, privacy, portrait rights and honor, and violate the rights of any third party content which may include it.

[2] shall include such matters in the privacy of others.

[3] and may contain personally identifiable information such as name email address and telephone number of others (including their content and if used in the author name, without limitation.)

[4] advertising sales activities, the election campaign, soliciting ideas for a particular religion, or those that contain similar content.

[5] photos porn stories, sexual solicitation of negotiations, including other obscene content.

[6] for children and young people with severely violent, encourage or induce cruelty crimes, including content that inhibit healthy development.

[7] law, and the obscene content which may include it.

[08] shall include discriminatory expression.

[09] Also contrary to the theme and purpose of the content on this site that may contain it.

[10] nonsense, including grotesque content.

[11] and other inappropriate content on this site, we were judged to be expressed.

Article 4 (a temporary suspension of this site.)

1. We, the following items if applicable, without prior notice or consent to everyone of the user may make a temporary suspension of operation of this site.

[1] If you want to change the specification or maintenance of this site

[2] a natural disaster, disaster and other emergency occurs, there is likely to occur, or if management is difficult or impossible on this site

[3] by us, if deemed necessary the temporary suspension of operation of this site operational and other reasons this site

2. The operation was temporarily suspended pursuant to paragraph this site, if damage occurs due to everyone who has used it, We will not bear any responsibility.

Article 5 (our responsibility)

1. Our effort has been to everyone of the user in order to deliver reliable services and information for the following items, no warrant. Terms of Use of this site, but everyone of the user himself, to determine the usefulness of such information and services provided at this site and this site, please use at your own risk.

[1] All information provided on this site (as this site and other information provided by e-mail sent to this Site or associated, and displayed on this site, and the thirdand includes any information contained in the linked sites operated by the management. following the rules.) related to the usefulness, relevance, completeness, accuracy, safety, legality, and up to date .

[2] talks with third parties using the information provided on this site everyone of the user in performing such contract if, any act.

[3] failure to provide this website, errors or failures that occur.

[4] items available through this site, services, that meet the expectations of everyone and other user information.

[5] does not infringe rights of third parties send comments and actions contained within this website user.

[6] sent e-mail related to this site, web, etc., that does not contain computer viruses and other harmful things.

2. We are on this site, the only decision we at any time, modify its contents, delete, and add, addition, and can be done and the abolition of the service, maintains the identity or existence of this site warrant any sort of Ru.

3. We will use this website (including providing information and activities with our group.) Damages caused by the unavailability (or emotional distress, including any penalty or other financial loss ) each, our intention, and shall not be liable unless negligence.

4. We, in the case of the following items, and assumes no responsibility.

[1] made through this site, download content provided by third parties, and, by the act of linking to the site and access management, third party damage caused to everyone of the user.

[2] despite our reasonable security measures taken, without modification of the Site, unauthorized access to data on this site have been contaminated, such as computer viruses, fraud, and use this result everyone who has caused damage.

5. In the preceding paragraphs, even if we are responsible, unless our intention or gross negligence, our liability shall be limited to the direct and ordinary damages.

Article 6 (prohibition users)

1. Everyone of the user, the Terms of Use of this site, do the following acts shall not.

[1] to write act of impersonating someone else or send the information

[2] use this site to act by means other than our approved

[3] Acts commercial use of this site

[4] materials and documentation on this site without permission

[5] or the act of writing and sending harmful computer programs, spam, chain letters, junk mail and sending action

[6] or our third party copyright, trademark or conduct that may violate trademark or other intellectual property rights

[7] or a third party to slander us, defame, honor, or his acts that could undermine privacy

[8] the information content of obscene acts with others to publish such documents and graphics

[09] Name of person or another person, address, telephone number, email address and act deliberately false information register

[10] or a nuisance to our third party

[11] and other laws, conduct that may violate this Agreement or its morality or

2. We are, if everyone of the user in violation of the preceding paragraph, if we act on this site are deemed inappropriate for either the Company other for the user, stop the use of this site deprivation of membership, and necessary measures for damages (including legal action.) be able to take.

3. The users actions in violation of paragraph 1, if the damages incurred by us or a third party, such user, with its own responsibility and expense, must compensate for damages.

Article 7 (Handling of user information.)

Our statistical data for the purpose of creating the convenience of everyone to improve this site to use the access log (the [User Information] referred to.) May be acquired. Except as required by law, to disclose user information to third parties.

Article 8 (for the handling of personal information held by us.)

We will respect the privacy of everyone will be using this site, pay close attention to the management of personal information in everyone of the user. Ni 当Tatte management and operation of the Site, information obtained from our use of everyone, we determined separately [EGourmetWorld privacy policy], according to the treated.

Article 9 (Prohibition of Transfer of rights and obligations)

Everyone of the user, the rights and obligations under the status and position as a user of this site, unless agreed by us in advance, and pledged as collateral or transferred to any third party and shall not.

Article 10 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

Governing Law This Agreement and the Japanese law, any dispute concerning this Agreement or the Site, you agree the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court of first instance.

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